investment plan

Terms and Conditions

1 Pair = 100$ :Left :100$ Right 100$ For Binary 2 Direct Compulsory !!!.

Capping is As Per Mention Plan !!!.

Matching token and Intro token will be credited 100% in withdrwal wallet !!!.

Mining pool bonus will be divided into two parts, withdrwal wallet 60% and future wallet 40% !!!.

Future Wallet can be used for top up After 45 Working Days by Adding 50% Fresh Business !!!.

All Income will credit in usd which will converted to bitcoin or apple coin !!!.

Deduction of 10% Hardware depreciation cost And 8% electric consumption cost applicable on all withdrawals !!!.

Mining pool bonus will be credited only on working days upto 500% on all pakages !!!.

Note: After 500% mining pool bonus affiliate can redeem or withdraw 100% booked coins.